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Dear Anya. I am very glad that there is such a woman as you, in this world. I am proud of the fact that the ancient Lemko motives are not forgotten and that they are voiced such a beautiful and pleasant voice. Good luck, creative inspiration and most important - health, to you.
Andrew Statkevych
News > "Dzvony Lemkivschyny" on the 4th. of July

On the 4th. of July, the NewYork, New Jersey and in general the East Cost Lemkos has seen Anytchka take the Center Stage where she is well known and worshiped by the many and lasting fans and friends. From year to year she has promised her loyal fans to honor their wishes and take part in the “Lemkivska Vatra” and finally made it! Her program included most of her new Lemko songs from the now so popular album “Dzvony Lemkivschyny”; during her appearance the crowd swelled beyond the stage field.

Anytchka. Ukrainian singer.
Created by Brend-A studio in 2009.
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