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Dear Anya. I am very glad that there is such a woman as you, in this world. I am proud of the fact that the ancient Lemko motives are not forgotten and that they are voiced such a beautiful and pleasant voice. Good luck, creative inspiration and most important - health, to you.
Andrew Statkevych

Album: I Still Love
Year: 2009
Record Label: MAX 220
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    1. I Still Love
    2. The Meaning of Parting
    3. I'll Say Goodbye
    4. Embroided Blouse
    5. Red Roses
    6. And Love - Like a Cherry
    7. Flover of My Heart
    8. Smiles Like Bluebells
    9. Don't Say
    10. You Came
    11. Without You
    12. Someone Else's Happiness
    13. It's You
    14. When I was Stacking Hay
    15. Hey, Falcons
    16. We Circled the World
    17. My Ukraine
    18. Bonus Track: Hey, Falcons (in Polish)

Album: Lemkoland bells
Year: 2008
Record Label: MAX 220
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  1. Mayeran (oregano)
  2. In the dark night...
  3. Fly ray falcon
  4. Lets drink, drink!
  5. Who's hut is that?
  6. I will lead the horse
  7. By the time i climb mat hill
  8. Oh, my mountain peak
  9. There in the Lemkoland
  10. Who's unplowed field?
  11. I will tend  to the sheep
  12. Oh, mighty eagle
  13. There was love
  14. When I was stacking hay
  15. Our mountains

Album: Angels in the Sky
Year: 2006
Record Label: MAX-220
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  1. On Christmas day
  2. Angels in the Sky
  3. God was born on sleights
  4. News in Bethlehem
  5. Silent Night
  6. Virgin Mary
  7. The bels are wonder
  8. Stand up David
  9. What is this wonder
  10. Over Bethlehem
  11. In the valley
  12. Christ is born
  13. O Holly Night
  14. Ave Maria (Schubert)

Album: By the Force of Love...
Year: 2004
Record Label: Alfa-Omega
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  1. The Stolen Sun
  2. By the Force of Love...
  3. Keep Coming Back
  4. Always Remember
  5. White Bird
  6. In the Unknown Land
  7. Fly On
  8. Who's House is it
  9. Oh My Mountain Peaks
  10. Oh My Mighty Eagle
  11. Amazing World
  12. The Wind
  13. Stop for a Moment
  14. Yellow Leaf

Album: Speak to me in Ukrainian
Year: 2002
Record Label: Alfa-Omega
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  1. Speak to me in Ukrainian
  2. Maplewood Fire
  3. Another day, Another night
  4. A Karpatian Medley
  5. Do not leave (Your native land)
  6. Calm Waters
  7. Another Spring, Another Fall
  8. I did no Break the Branches of the Guilder-Rose, Alone
  9. The Crane
  10. There, in the Lemkoland
  11. Grey Cuckoo
  12. The Ballad of two Violins
  13. I Had millet in the Larder
  14. Hey You Mighty Oak Tree

Album: Lemko songs...
Year: 2002
Record Label: Northwestern Creative Media
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  1. Anitchka
  2. Ah tam Dolom
  3. Moya Myla
  4. Vysokyj Mostetchok
  5. Sila Mukha
  6. Ne Pidu Za Ijaska
  7. Mamtzia Moja Prymelena
  8. Hey bida Mene z Khaty jzene
  9. Hameritzky Kraij
  10. Pod Oblatczkom
  11. Mam Fraira Ijantzia
  12. Zahraiyte Me Husli


Song:  We traveled around the earth
Album: I Still Love
Year:  2014


Song: I'll Say Goodbye
Album: I Still Love
Year:  2009

Song: The bells are Ringing
Album: Angels in the sky
Year:  2006

Song: A Karpatian Medley
Album: Speak to me in Ukrainian
Year:  2002

Song: Pod Oblatczkom
Album: Lemko songs
Year:  2002

Song: Ne Pidu Za Ijaska
Album: Lemko songs
Year:  2002

Song: Hameritzky kraj
Album: Lemko songs
Year:  2002

Anytchka. Ukrainian singer.
Created by Brend-A studio in 2009.
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