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Dear Anya. I am very glad that there is such a woman as you, in this world. I am proud of the fact that the ancient Lemko motives are not forgotten and that they are voiced such a beautiful and pleasant voice. Good luck, creative inspiration and most important - health, to you.
Andrew Statkevych
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2011, September

3,4 and 5 (Labor Day) she is invited by the “House of Ukraine” to perform at their festival in Balboa Park in San Diego.  

2011, August

21-st. of August performance in Los Angeles is scheduled in the Ukrainian Center of Culture to celebrate Ukrainian independence day.  

6-st. of August, a sole concert in Toronto, Canada is scheduled for the local public as well as for surrounding vicinity audience. 

2011, July

29-th of July a big event is planned for “Lemkivska Vatra” in Durham, Canada. It’s the 50-th anniversary of the Lemko Association of Canada. Anytchka will open the auspicious ceremonies with the Lemko anthem and perform on stage 4 or 5 times during this 3 days celebration.  

The 27-th of July she will participate in the California State Fair and represent Ukraine among the many nationalities participating in the festivities. 



Continuous effort to finish her work on her 7-th, English album.

Her continuous and intense academic pursuit of her MBA.


A star is born! Krystina!




Readying the English album “Rain in My Heart” for release.

Concerts in USA, New York, Massachusetts, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Release of the 6th. album “Ja Stche Lublou” (I Still Love).

Concerts in Ukraine.


Concerts in USA, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Release of a DVD “Kontsert U Lvovi ta Pjat Videoklipiv” (Concert in Lviv and Collection of     Video-clips).

Release of a video-clip “Skaju Prostchai”, (I’ll Say Godbye).

Concerts in Poland and Ukraine.

Release of the 5th. album “Dzvony Lemkovyny” a collection of new Lemko folklore in stylized, contemporary sound.


Concerts throughout Ukraine.


President Youschenko’s award for Promoting Ukrainian Heritage.

Action “Ukrainian Books for Children of Luhansk” a series of concerts throughout US and collection of donations for children in Ukrainian schools in that region where Russian language is prevalent and fund for Ukrainian books are not budgeted. She personally delivered the books and visited the schools. (Thanks for many of you that have so generously contributed for that     cause – you made many children happy and gave them hope).

Many performances in Ukraine.

Release of the video-clip “Dzvony Dzvoniat” (Christmas Carol).

Release of the 4th. album “Janholy v Nebi”, (Christmas Carols).


Sessions at Bercklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts.

Performances in Ukraine.


Second tour of North America (New York, Minneapolis, Toronto, Durham).

First solo concert “Syloyou Lubovi”, live music, in the National Theater of Maria Zankovetska,     in Lviv.

Release of the 3rd. album “Syloyou Lubovi” (Authored songs).


Release of the video-clip “Pod Oblatchkom”, “Hamerytsky Krai”, “Zakarpatska Viazanka”.

Performances in Ukraine, Poland, Belgium.


North America Tour (New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Toronto, Montreal, Durham).

Participation in World Championship of  Performing Arts (Hollywood, USA), Gold Medal in the category of Folkloric Songs and a Silver Medal in the category of Contemporary Music.

Release of the 2nd. album “Pohovorit zi Mnoyou po Vkraiinski” .


Release of the film “This is My Life” (VHS, 17 min.).

Release of video-clip “Ja Ne Pidu za Jaska” .


Presentation / concert of the album and VHS tapes of “Anytchka”.

Participation in The XVII International Festival Lemkivska Vatra in Jdynia, Poland.

Release of the 1st. album “Anytchka” of Lemko folklore songs with contemporary arrangements.

Anytchka. Ukrainian singer.
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