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Biography of Anytchka-singer-author-composer

Anytchka (Hanna Cheberenchyk) was born in the historic corner of of the Western Ukraine, January 19, in the picturesque and historic village of Swirj, near the city of Lviv into a Lemko family. She graduated from the Lviv Institute of Arts and Culture with a degree of Choir Conductor. For several years she was a member of the choir “Mrija” based in the Lviv Commercial Academy. With the choir she participated in many concerts in Ukraine and abroad. She later enrolled in the Lviv Commercial Academy in the School of Management and graduated with an MBA equivalent.

Her childhood dream was to become a pop singer. Besides her training in many styles of songs and  music, she is in love with her Lemko heritage and ethnic culture. She sang Lemko songs ever since she can remember, most passed on to her from the many generations in her family. Most likely her roots influenced the choice of her first album to be of Lemko songs “Anytchka” with a contemporary sound and modern flavor to make these songs unusually youthful, happy, different.

Her creative start began in July of 2000 when she took part, with enormous success, XVII International Festival “Lemkivska Vatra” in Jdynia, Poland. It is at this festival that Hanna shoved her true vocation, soon after she became the centerpiece of Lemko Festivals.

From that time on she became a regular participant at many concerts and festivals. Anytchka found her audience in Ukraine as well as abroad.

Stage biography

After the first, but very important success at the XVII –“Lemkivska Vatra” in Poland (2000), Anytchka embarked on her life dream and dedicated herself to the artistry of music and song.

Enthusiastically she plunged herself in developing the so important recognition of her talent by the audience. Anytchka signed up to participate in every contest or festival searching for her fans and her audience and quickly she proved herself remarkably. Starting with “The Song Vernisage” in Kyiv and continuing with the whole string of National and International championships where invariably she took top places: “Boromlia”, ”Dolia”, ”Zoloty Trymbity”, ”More Druzziv”, ”Concurs Volodymyra Ivasiuka”, ”Europe Without Borders” and more. Anytchka traveled and performed in Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Yalta, Boromlia, Lviv, Drohobytch, Truskavets, and in Poland in Legnitsa, Jdynia, Mychailovi, Krakow etc. In Hollywood she took part in the prestigious championship called ”World Championship of Performing Arts” where she took a Gold Medal in the category of ”Folkloric Songs” and a Silver Medal in the ”Contemporary Music”.

Since the beginning of her “dream”, she relentlessly has been working in cultivating her vocal gift and has been a regular student of Professor Volodymyra Tchaika – a prima opera of the Lviv opera.

Encouraged by her early successes and recognition from now a sizable audience Anytchka records her first album of songs close to her soul of Lemko folklore named (guess what?), “Anytchka”, she labored to make the songs sound modern and youthful.

Folklore is definitely her strength but Anytchka is experimenting with other styles of song and music like pop, jazz, and blues. She becomes known as a composer and a song writer and records some of her own works.

In 2002 she records her second album “Pohovorit Zi Mnoyou Po Vkrainski” (Speak to Me in Ukrainian” ) that include some well recognized famous songs as well as songs of her own authorship. The same year she films and publishes a video-clip ”Ja Ne Pidu za Jaska”, (I Will Not Marry Jasko).

Also in 2002 Anytchka embarks on her first tour of North America and takes part in Ukrainian Festivals in USA and Canada: “Verchovyna”, ”CYM”, ”Bloor Street”, ”Lemkivski Vatry” in New York and Durham , concerts appearances in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis. The crowds are ecstatic and waiting for her songs like a breath of fresh air from Ukraine.

Encouraged by a very successful tour of North America, Anytchka is planning her next move and dreaming of yet unconquered lands, Australia, Japan, Great  Britain, France or Italy? In 2003 – 2004 she records a new album ”Syloyou Lubovi” ( By the Force of  Love), and films video-clips for the songs ”Pod Oblatchkom”, ”Hameritsky Krai” and ”Zakarpatska Viazanka”. The new album “Syloyou Lubovi” becomes the bases for a solo concert that is given in The National Academic Theater Marii Zankovetskoii in the city of Lviv. The concert received rave reviews that featured live music, elaborate costumes and a superior décor and mise en scene, also many and lasting prize from individual public.

In 2006 a new album appears on the scene of Christmas carols ”Janholy v Nebi” (Angels in the Sky) of choice Ukrainian Carols as well a rendition of Ave Maria and a carol in both English and Ukrainian. From this album a new video-clip is filmed from the carol ”Dzvony Dzvoniat” (The Bells are Ringing).

Anytchka continues her quest for perfection and attends the prestigious Bercklee College of Music in Boston and starts working on her English album ”Rain in My Heart” and on occasion starts singing in English at such events as ”California State Fair” in 2008 and has been re-invited for 2009.

The just released her 6th. Album “Ja Sche Lublou” (I Still Love) promises to be a block buster and has been a culmination of cooperation with a well known poetess Olesia Sadova that has written most of the lyrics and Anytchka has set her words to music. As this is written, the CD plastic is cooling off.

It has been a long hot summer for Anytchka in Lviv but as soon as the CD is of the press, she has an engagement in New York at ”Lemkivska Vatra” at oselia SYM, ”Verchovyna” and  maybe at ”Soyouzivka” with now famous virtuoso Vasyl Popaduk and his orchestra the Papa Dukes. Further known appearances at Harvard University, and for Ukrainian Independence Day in San Francisco Golden Gate Park and in Los Angeles.

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